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On-the-day Wedding Stationery: Your Complete Guide

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

You've sorted out your wedding invitations and save the dates. Now, what stationery might you need to consider on the day of your wedding?

Here's a handy checklist for items of stationery you might need:


Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is a great way to greet your guests while you're busy getting ready and let them know they're in the right place! This might be the first thing they see on the day, so it's a great chance to set the style.

If your venue is tricky to find, consider whether you need a welcome sign outside your venue to direct guests.

Travel theme wedding welcome sign

Order of Service

Your guests will want to know what the order of events is going to be at your wedding. Some things to consider putting in your order of events include:

- Timeline of the day

- Introduction to members of the wedding party

- What to expect during the ceremony - including hymms, readings etc

You can leave an order of service on the chairs for guests to pick up as they take a seat, or have the ushers hand them out when greeting everybody. Remember that couples are likely to share one, so you don't necessarily need one for every guest.

An order of events sign is also a useful way to keep people reminded throughout the day what to expect and make sure they don't miss any key moments. This can be moved from the ceremony to the reception.

Wedding order of the day sign

Table Name Cards

Table name cards are key to helping your guests find their table. At Paper Adventure Co, we're big fans of creating a theme at your wedding breakfast, whether that's places you've travelled to together, your favourite gins or cocktails, your favourite books, Disney movies or more. Here's your chance to really get creative and take your guests on a journey of your favourite memories or things together!

For an even more personal touch, why not have a description on the back explaining why this particular table name is so important to you. It's a great conversation starter for your guests!

Find more creative table name ideas here.

Seating plan

Once you've decided on your table names, you'll need a seating plan to help guests know which table they are sitting on.

You could consider having a sign with all your guest details on, or assembling something more creative using individual seating plan cards.

Wedding seating plan - Disney theme

Place name cards

Set up your place name cards at each table to help your guests find their allocated seat. Place name cards are often a great memento and if they look great, guests might even take home with them.

If you are relying on guests to remember their menu choices, assume they will have forgotten by now! You can pop on their choices to the back of their place name card as a handy reminder.

Wedding place name cards - cocktail theme