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Gin-spiratinal Wedding Decor - Repurposing Empty Gin Bottles

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

If you and your fiancé are partial to a G&T, chances are you’ll have plenty of gin bottles knocking around your house. Once they’ve empty, why not give them a new purpose by re-using them at your wedding?

Here’s some inspiration on ways to recycle your gin bottles into beautiful decor for your wedding day.


Empty gin bottles make fantastic vases for wedding floral arrangements. The varied shapes and colours of the different bottles look stunning on each table. Fill them with your favourite flowers for charming centrepieces.

Here are some of our favourite examples.

Hendricks gin bottle being used as a flower vase centrepiece at a wedding

Opihr Gin bottles being used as a centrepiece at a wedding - flower vase

Ideas of how to use gin bottles as floral decor at a gin-themed wedding

Candle Holders

Give your wedding venue a warm and intimate ambiance by repurposing gin bottles as candle holders. Please tea lights or candlesticks in the bottles and scatter them access tables, walkways or window sills. The soft, flickering glow will create a super romantic atmosphere.

Worried about the fire-hazard? Use fairy lights instead to recreate the cozy glow.

Hendricks, Botanist and Warner Edwards gin bottles being used as candlestick holders on a wedding centrepiece

Adnan's gin bottle filled with fairy lights being used as wedding decor

Seating Plans

Whether you're naming your tables after your gin bottles, or just looking for a way to create a show-stopping seating plan, gin bottles are great to incorporate into your wedding reception.

A variety of empty gin bottles and apple crates to create a wedding seating plan

Gin bottles on a wooden ladder being used as a seating chart at a wedding

Gin themed wedding seating plan with empty gin bottles as decoration

Bar Decorations

Having a make-your-own-gin bar is a touch that your guests are bound to love. Stock it with your favourite gins, mixers and garnishes and let your guests create their dream G&Ts.

Use empty bottles to help decorate the area and make your bar super insta-worthy.

Wedding gin bar

let us be-gin, DIY wedding gin bar

Where to get empty gin bottles?

The obvious way is to drink plenty of gin!

But if your liver can't handle quite that much alcohol in the time it takes to plan a wedding, reach out to family and friends and ask them to start collecting their empty bottles. Also, speak to your venue wedding or local pubs and bars and ask them to keep hold of bottles.

Additionally, check out online platforms like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace or other community groups where individuals often sell or give away empty bottles.

Looking for more inspiration?

Check out our range of gin-themed wedding stationery

Cheers to an unforgettable wedding day!






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