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Why Table Numbers at Weddings are BORING!

Updated: Mar 19

Think back to the last wedding reception you went to. You were probably sat at table number 5? Or was it table number 7? You can’t remember right? Because it was totally unmemorable. Sure, table numbers are the traditional and easy way to direct guests to their tables, but hear me out as to why they are boring, and why coming up with your own table names can be a more fun and imaginative way to personalise your wedding.

1. They are purely functional

Numbers are completely impersonal. They serve purely as a functional way to let people know where they are sat. They don’t tell your guests anything about you or your new spouse.


If you want to keep the ease of using numbers, while also adding a personalised touch, why not consider adding cute baby pictures of you both at those ages? The more embarrassing the better!

2. They are forgettable

I can assure you that nobody will walk away from your wedding talking about how great your table numbers were.

But if you pick an interesting theme, it’s much more likely to be one of the things that makes your wedding stand out to people.

Plus, if you pick a design that you really love - you can take these home afterwards and display them in your home as a reminder of your wedding day.

3. They don’t involve your guests

Not only are table numbers not relevant to your guests in any way, they can sometimes cause a slight offence if guests feel ‘ranked’ - everybody knows that guests at table 2 are far superior to those on table 10!

But if you pick an interesting theme for your seating plan, they can be a great conversation starter for guests to break the ice with each other, or to find an excuse to get up and mingle with other tables to find out what other names have been used.

Table name cards can be double sided, so have a think about whether you can share a memory or funny story using the backs of the cards - particularly great if they involve somebody sitting at that table!

4. They don’t represent you

This is YOUR wedding! Everybody is here to celebrate you both and the love you have for each other. You have shared interests that bring you together, and you’ve created some amazing memories already - why not share those with your guests?

Pick a theme that really means something to you both, and name your tables after those - maybe it’s all the amazing places that you’ve travelled to together, the key milestones in your relationship, or your favourite movies or books.

Having your tables named after something is a really personal way to share these things you love with your friends and families.

Stuck for ideas? Have a look through some of our suggestions: 'Fun and Personal Wedding Table Theme Ideas'

5. They don’t allow for much creativity

There are some lovely table number designs out there to pick from, but that’s kind of where the creativity end.

If you pick a theme for your table names, not only could you have more fun designing them, but the theme could expand even wider than that.

Naming your tables after your favourite gins? How about decorating the tables with the same empty gin bottles filled with fairy lights or flowers? Or giving guests miniature bottles as favours to add to their tonic later in the night?

Another option could be to tie in the theme with your venue or location. Lucky enough to be getting married in the Natural History Museum? Surely you have to name your table after dinosaurs! What about Kew Gardens? You couldn’t miss the chance to name your tables after plants.

And if you’re getting married abroad? Is there anything relevant to that country that you could name your tables after? It’s another great way to incorporate that country’s culture into your wedding.

Check out 'Creative Ideas for a Travel Theme Wedding' for more inspiration


There's of course nothing wrong with sticking with table numbers for ease and practicality, but do consider table names for a more unique way to personalise your wedding day.

Take a look through some of the themes that we offer at Paper Adventure Co to see if we can help with your table names or seating plans.

If you're looking for something more bespoke, just send me a message to discuss how we can work together to bring your idea to life!

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